Milwaukee Welding

Date: 04-Aug-2020

**Weld Shop hours are from 5PM – 8PM

*Located at the Milwaukee Training Center - 12110 W, Adler Lane, Milwaukee WI

Weld Shop Procedures during COVID-19 Outlined Below

YOU MUST CALL RICH HANSON AT 262-385-1509 to reserve your booth.

There is a limited number of booths available

If you are sick or feel sick and are unable to make it, please call and let us know.

Please be advised of the new rules in place while in the Weld Shop –

  • The Instructor will be taking your temperature when you arrive – anything over 101.4 you will be instructed to leave.
  • Keep a 6-foot distance between members AT ALL TIMES, this is MANDATORY, no exceptions.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be provided.

**** All Members are required to bring all their own welding equipment, such as hood, chipping hammer, flashlight, wire brush, and grinder if they would need one. Along with anything else you think you would need to brush up and take the test.