REMINDER - Wage Allocation Vote Tonight!

IW 8 Office - Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Ironworkers Local 8 will conduct a drive-thru ballot for wage allocation on,


May 13, 2020 between 3:30-6:30 PM


Ironworkers Local 8

12034 West Adler Lane

Milwaukee, WI 53214

President Brad Cyganek has appointed Vice-President AJ Gregovich, Executive Committee Members Rich Kangas, Rich Snelson, Juan Alvarez, John Rauch and San Juan Yepez to act as Voting Judges. As you enter the parking lot, remain in your vehicle! You will be directed to 4 areas in order.

Area 1 - The judge will ask you your name and book number. The judge will check a list of current dues paid members, provided you are current on monthly dues you will be directed to Area 2. Dues payments will not be taken during voting. Dues receipts will not be checked. Please make sure you are current before May 13th. If your name is not on the list, you will not be eligible to vote.

Area 2 - The judge will provide you with a ballot and a pen and direct you to Area 3.

Area 3 - No judge will be present. Mark approve or disapprove and fold your ballot in half. Keep the pen. Proceed to Area 4.

Area 4 - The judge will collect your ballot and direct you out of the parking lot.

In these uncertain times, extraordinary measures need to take place to keep everyone safe if we are to vote democratically. Be considerate of others health & safety during voting. Also keep in mind the judges will be here to conduct our business, not to debate issues. The results of the vote will be posted and distributed at a later date.